About SJ Cobb & Associates

SJ Cobb & Associates central office is located in Mansfield Ohio. Our management and administrative staff focus their attention on 4 areas:

  1. Finding new sources and ways for our clients to lower costs
  2. Training certified field representatives to deliver personal service to our customers
  3. Quality control, making sure that we completely fulfill the expectations of our customers, before, during, and after the sale
  4. Communication, informing our customers of new ways to save, or just updated information about their business services

We manage over 50 representatives now active in 6 states. Much of our work can be done with clients from all over North America via the internet, with the same outstanding results!

How we work with you

The process is simple: fax, Email, ground mail or we can pick up copies of all pages of your bills for these services. We then do a preliminary analysis of the bills to determine if we can help the organization to save money. There is no charge for the analysis.

We’ll then create plan, which will include one of the following on each type of cost:

  1. Stand pat; you have a good deal!
  2. Renegotiate a better deal with your current supplier – often the case with phone service.
  3. Consider quotes from alternative suppliers.

In all cases, we offer plans that must meet 3 requirements:

  1. Save the organization money
  2. Provide vendor agreements that are user-friendly; that is, no insidious auto renewal clauses or automatic price increases
  3. Require little, if any, change in the way the organization uses the services

All quotes include detailed savings analysis.

Cobb & Associates will either share in the savings or be compensated by the new supplier. All costs to the client are disclosed in advance.

Please contact us with questions, or simply send us your bills, and we will go to work for you!

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