Be careful when changing electric suppliers!

By Steve Cobb

March 24, 2010

The state of Ohio, joining many (but not all) other states, implemented deregulation for electricity supply, beginning in May of 2008.

Within Ohio, there are several PUCO approved electric utilities.  These companies, sometimes referred to as "incumbant utilities",  continue to enjoy monopoly status, only for the delivery of electric service.   They are required to provide maintenance of lines, poles, meters and service issues regardless of who supplies the actual energy to the customer.

Customers in most utility areas of Ohio may now choose their electric generation supplier, lowering their costs.  Some things to look for in an electric supplier:
             1. Lower rates than you currently have.
             2. User friendly terms, that do not automatically renew and that allow you to change providers with reasonable early termination costs.

We have seen contracts with termination clauses that require customers to pay out the estimated cost of electricity for the remainder of the term.

Bottom line: consider all the aspects of changing your electric power supplier.

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