Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing costs may be the most complex matrix of ratings and afford the processor the biggest opportunity for multiple hard-to-understand “extra” fees – over and above fees required by the Visa and Master Card Associations. In addition, merchant statements detailing fees and other charges are often very difficult to interpret and analyze.

What you can do to find out about saving money on your credit card processing costs

  • Complete the on-line form and we will walk you through the information that is needed to complete your analysis; OR just
  • Fax or Email ALL PAGES of your monthly merchant for a FREE preliminary analysis & recommendations.

Step 1: We will

  • Analyze your statement, breaking out all of the fees into their various elements
  • Provide quotes from alternative vendors in side by side, apples to apples format.

Step 2: We will

  • Determine the most economical, efficient and easiest to transition method of reducing your credit card processing costs
  • Sometimes we find that you have a very good deal and congratulate you – no charge
  • Sometimes we will offer to negotiate lower rates from your current provider on your behalf, to avoid costly software reprogramming or other costs associated with changing processors
  • In most cases, we will select a processing company that best fits your situation and offer a competitive quote with all fees disclosed in writing.

Our basic rate schedule
for most merchants who use a credit card terminal and “swipe” a high percentage of their sale transactions:

Credit Card Qualified Rate 1.69%
Check Card Qualified Rate 1.19%
Transaction fee $0.20
Monthly Statement fee $8.00
Annual PCI* Compliance fee
$79 – 1 X per year

PCI is the industry data security program. See more in our “Merchant Alerts” section

One of the most costly of practices by many unscrupulous agencies is the leasing of credit card terminals. Remember, very high quality terminals can be purchased for less than $500. But we have seen leases as high as $99 per month for 60 months – PLUS automatic lease renewal clauses!

Cobb & Associates provides free terminals for your use as long as you process with our chosen vendor. Or, we can reprogram your existing equipment at no charge to you.


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