Natural Gas

Natural gas billings always include 2 elements:

  1. The delivery portion of gas supply: pipeline maintenance, service and billings are always provided by the local state-authorized Utility. For example, much of Ohio is serviced by Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion Energy of Ohio, and Duke Energy of Ohio.
  2. The commodity portion of gas supply billing may be provided by any number of different gas suppliers in deregulated states. The commodity portion of your gas bill constitutes the largest part of the cost and presents the opportunity for savings.

CAUTION: While “gas is gas”; there is absolutely no difference in the gas itself that all suppliers put into the pipeline is identical in every way, the rates, contract requirement and other terms vary greatly. Many of these companies employ high pressure sales tactics to convince users to lock in fixed rates for term periods. Even more insidious are the practices by some suppliers that put very-difficult-to-cancel auto-renewal clauses in their agreements.

We believe that customers should always have maximum flexibility in their gas acquisition deals. When we select suppliers with whom to affiliate, we demand that they meet 2 criteria:

  1. They must save customers more money than the competition on a year to year basis
  2. They must be “user friendly” with easy to understand terms and no cost cancellations.

Our company currently can provide lower cost alternative suppliers for the commodity portion of gas bills in the states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

What you can do to find out about saving money on your natural gas costs

  • Complete the on-line form and we will walk you through the information that is needed to complete your analysis
  • Fax or Email ALL PAGES of your natural gas bills for a FREE preliminary analysis & recommendations

All costs and terms are disclosed before any commitment is made on your part. Since natural gas is a commodity, we also track changes in supplier costs every month. If we think you can save money by switching back to the utility company, even for a few months, we will advise you to do so, even if we are not compensated by that supplier.  We try to always do the right thing for you!

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