For many years, telephone service was delivered by monopoly companies. They dictated the technology and the costs we all pay for phone service. The billing is complex and difficult to understand. The most unfortunate aspect of this situation is that it created a culture within the phone company that was rarely responsive to customer needs and desires. Consequently, many customers have been oversold and overbilled.

While the legacy phone companies are trying to become more responsive in the light of today’s competitive market, old habits die hard. We continue to see sales, pricing, and billing practices that are simply not competitive.

The good news is two-fold:

  1. Our staff knows how to interpret phone company bills and identify potential savings, and often refund opportunities. In many cases, we obtain credits from the phone company for obvious over billings and third party charges, even if our customer ultimately selects a new provider for their phone service.
  2. Cobb & Associates has affiliations with a number of phone and data service providers who offer the same or better services than the phone company at much lower costs to the customer. We often see savings of well over 25% when customers select the best alternative supplier.

Each of our phone analysis includes a plan that may include:

  • Obtaining refunds from current providers
  • Renegotiation of rates with current providers
  • Apples to apples quotes from alternative suppliers, specifically chosen to meet the specific needs of our particular customer

What you can do to find out about saving money on your voice and data service

  • Complete the on-line form and we will walk you through the information that is needed to complete your analysis
  • Fax or Email ALL PAGES of your bills for a FREE preliminary analysis & action plan. NOTE: MANY BUSINESSES HAVE SEPARATE BILLS FOR LONG DISTANCE AND FOR DATA SERVICE. Please send all related billings

We usually respond within 2 business days. Sometimes we can do everything on-line; sometimes we may arrange for a personal visit to your site by a representative or technician.

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